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Excessive Motorsports LS1 / LS6 347 CI Rotating Assembly

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Price: $2,275.00
Manufacturer: Excessive Racing Engines
Part No.: 3513601

       65cc     67cc     68cc     70cc  
+12cc   12.5:1  12.1:1   12.0:1 11.6:1 
 -3.2cc  10.6:1  10.4:1  10.2:1  10.0:1 
 -11cc  9.7:1  9.5:1  9.4:1  9.2:1 
 -25cc  8.6:1  8.5:1  8.4:1  8.1:1 


 Part Number   3513601 
 Crankshaft   K1 Forged 4340 - 3.622" Stroke 24x or 58x 
 Connecting Rods   K1 Forged 4340 - 6.125" Length 
 Connecting Rod Bolts    7/16" ARP 2000 
 Pistons   Wiseco Forged 2618 Alloy 
 Available Volumes  +12cc, -3.2cc, -11cc and -25cc
 Available Bores  3.903" and 3.905" 
 Compression Height   1.300" 
 Wrist Pins   4130 Chrome Moly - .927" x 2.250" 
 Piston Rings   Wiseco GFX 
 Main Bearings  Clevite MS2199H 
 Rod Bearings   Clevite CB663HN 

This Rotating Assembly is designed for LS1 / LS6 Engines. It features a K1 Technologies Forged 4340 3.622" Stroke Crankshaft, K1 Technologies Forged 4340 H-Beam Rods with 7/16" ARP 2000 Rod Bolts and your choice of Wiseco Pistons. These Pistons are the strongest shelf stocking Pistons available for the LS-Series Engines and come standard with Wiseco's Armour Glide Skirt Coating and Wiseco's GFX Ring Set. The GFX Ring Set is designed to handle any amount of Boost and / or Nitrous. These Rings feature a Steel Nitrided Stainless Steel Top Ring and a Napier 2nd Ring which helps with Oil Control. 4130 Chrome Moly Pins come standard with an option to upgrade to 9310 Alloy Pins which we suggest at the 800 HP range for extra insurance. 

*Reluctor Ring -  All LS1 / LS6 Engines came from the Factory with a 24x Reluctor Ring. There is an option for a 58x if you are in fact using this Rotating Assembly in a vehicle that came with a 58x Reluctor Ring or if you are running an Aftermarket ECU that prefers the use of the 58x Reluctor Ring. 

*Balancing - We offer Digital Balancing for all Rotating Assemblies we sell. While some shops will just measure 1 Rod and 1 Piston to get the Bobweights for the Crankshaft, we do NOT! We start by Weight Matching all Rods (Big and Small End) and Pistons (with Pins) to a tolerance of +/- 0.1g
The Crankshaft is then Balanced to a Tolerance of 0.2g 

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