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Custom LSX Rotating Assembly - 1800 HP + Capable

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Price: $4,169.00
Manufacturer: Excessive Racing Engines
Part No.: 3500X01

This is the Ultimate Rotating Assembly for any LSX Based Engine! Capable of Handling 1800+ HP, Tons of Boost and / or Nitrous. 
This particular Rotating Assembly is Built to Order Custom per Application, Please allow 4-5 weeks for Delivery!

Callies Dragon Slayer Crankshaft - 3.625", 4.000", 4.100" or 4.125" Stroke - 24x or 58x Reluctor Ring 
Oliver Billet Speedway Series 6.125" Connecting Rods 
Full Custom Wiseco Pistons - Any Bore, Any Dish, Dome or Flat Top. 
Wiseco .200" Wall 9310 Alloy Wrist Pins 
Lateral Gas Ports 
WIseco Armour Plating 
Wiseco GFX Ring Set 
Calico Coated Clevite H-Series Main and Rod Bearings 

*Reluctor Ring -  We offer both 24x and 58x Reluctor Rings. Below is a list of Vehicles and what Reluctor Ring they use. ALL 1997 - 2004 LS1 - 24x ALL LS2 GTO's - 24x 2005 Corvette - 24x , 2006 / 2007 - 58x 2006 / 2007 CTS-V - 58x 2006 TBSS - 24x , 2007 - 2009 - 58x

*Balancing - We offer Digital Balancing for all Rotating Assemblies we sell. While some shops will just measure 1 Rod and 1 Piston to get the Bobweights for the Crankshaft, we do NOT! We start by Weight Matching all Rods (Big and Small End) and Pistons (with Pins) to a tolerance of +/- 0.1g
The Crankshaft is then Balanced to a Tolerance of 0.2g 

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