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Weapon-X C.O.P.s Ignition coils - 2 Valve Modular Ford

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Price: $399.99
Manufacturer: Delta Force Tuning
Part No.: WE-2000u2v
While all others mimic technology that hasn't changed since the inception of the ignition coil, Delta Force Tuning/WeaponX has taken a quantum leap ahead and has designed an ignition coil that has surpassed all others in form and function. By improving the noise suppression techniques of the system the Delta Force Tuning/WeaponX coil / plug combination can recover 25% more power then its nearest competitor.

These ignition coils are a completely new and proven design that unlike conventional designs are also a true coil on plug conversion. Typical Ford ignition coils are only coil near plug due to the small interconnecting spring between the ignition coil and the spark plug. The Delta Force Tuning/WeaponX coils completely eliminates the need for the interconnect meaning better, more efficient power transfer capabilities than typical designs. Because of this, not only have customers gained anywhere from 10 to 80rwhp using them but many customers have reported fuel mileage increases as much as 3 miles to the gallon meaning this is an investment that can pay for itself in months.

Racing Ignition Coil features / benefits include
- Allows for greater spark plug gap to improve power and mpg
- multiple spark discharge
- ideal for vehicles producing over 16psi boost
- complete competition level RFI/EMI protection
- allows for better use with racing spark plugs if desired
- high output capability
- posses High Power Ignition circuits which both allow for quick charge and coil recovery characteristics all while delivering high energy transfer potential
- super high quality conductor selections
- ultra efficient power transfer and design characteristsic
- CNC profiled positive retention connectors
- weather proof dust boots
- unique blend of copper and zinc materials conducts electricity over 30x better then our stainless steel competitor and keeps resists corrosion unlike any other material
- high rpm capability
- extended fuel mileage
- extended horsepower

Secondary Voltage Potential - 80k volts
Secondary Coil Rating - 14.1k/ohms
Primary Coil Rating - 1.4ohms
Body Outer Diameter - 0.925 inches
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