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4.6L 2V PI N/A Street / Strip Cams

4.6L PI Engines with stock pistons have severe intake valve to piston clearance problems.  If using the stock heads, only the Torquer, Stage 1, and Stage 2 cams will fit safely.  All larger cams require either modified intake valves and / or piston notches.  These are street and mild strip (less than 7000RPM) cams designed for 4.6L Engines with PI heads and all stock pistons.  If you have a PI headswapped NPI engine, this is where to look for your cam.  For larger cams than this please see the PI 4.6L / 5.4L Street / Strip - Race Section. The exhaust duration is made shorter on PI head NA cams as the exhaust port be it stock or ported is highly overactive compared to the PI intake port.  All of these cams can use the stock valve springs.  We recommend the OEM plastic PI intake, Bullet, P-51, or HPS for these cams. All of these cams are designed to work with the stock valve springs up to 6500 RPM, above that upgraded springs are required. 
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