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Excessive Motorsports 1000 HP 4.6L Rotating Assembly - Eagle Forged 8 Bolt Crankshaft, Manley 4340 H-Beam Rods and Wiseco Pistons

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Price: $2,499.99
Manufacturer: Excessive Racing Engines
Part No.: 4600213
  • Eagle Forged 8 Bolt Crankshaft 
  • Manley Forged 4340 H-Beam Connecting Rods 
  • Wiseco Forged 2618 Alloy Pistons 
    • 2V PI, 2V TFS or 4V Specific Valve Reliefs 
    • Wiseco's Armour Glide Skirt Coating  
    • 4130 Chrome Moly Wrist Pins with Round Wire Locks
  • Wiseco Steel Nitrided Stainless Steel Top, Napier 2nd Ring Set 
    • Excellent for Any Amount of Boost and / or Nitrous 
  • Clevite 77 H-Series Main Bearings 
  • Clevite 77 H-Series Rod Bearings
  • Rod Bearings Narrowed for Eagle Crankshaft 

   Piston Dish Volume       2V PI     2V TFS 38cc   2V TFS 44cc  3V    4V   
-6cc Dish  11.25::1  12.05:1  10.9:1  9.6:1 1 9.7:1
-13cc Dish  10.1:1 10.75:1  9.85:1  8.75:1  9.3:1 
-16cc Dish  9.7:1 10.3:1  9.45:1  8.45:1  8.5:1 
-20cc Dish  9.2:1  9.7:1  9.0:1  8.1:1  8.1:1 

ARP 2000 Rod Bolts - Recommended for 800+ HP
Upgrade to 9310 Alloy Wrist Pins - Recommended for 800+ HP

*Internal Balancing Available 
Rods and Pistons Weight Matched to +/- 0.1g 
Crankshaft Balanced to 0.2g Tolerance 

This Rotating Assembly is rated for a maximum of 1000 HP. The Pistons supplied with this Rotating Assembly are available with 2V PI, 2V TFS, 3V and 4V Valve Reliefs at no additional charge. They feature a .300" Down Top Ring, a Thick Crown and Thick Struts and Skirts and also come with Wiseco's Armour Glide Skirt Coating. The Piston Rings supplied in this Kit use a Steel Nitrided Stainless Top Ring and Napier 2nd Ring. They are strong enough for pretty much any amount of Boost and / or Nitrous.  For Applications over 800 RWHP and up to 1000 RWHP, we suggest the ARP 2000 Rod Bolt Upgrade and 9310 Alloy Wrist Pin Upgrade. The Eagle Crankshaft supplied in the Assembly is a very good design, capable of handling over 1500 HP. It does require Narrowed Rod Bearings because of the .125" Radius on the Rod Journal. This is done for the simple reason of making the Crankshaft Stronger. We narrow the Connecting Rod Bearings for you and they are supplied in this assembly. For help selecting a good rotating assembly for your applications, please feel free to contact us via Email or Phone. 


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