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Excessive Motorsports 1500+ HP 5.0L Coyote Rotating Assembly - Boss 302 Forged Crankshaft, Manley Billet Rods and Custom Wiseco Pistons

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Price: $3,549.00
Manufacturer: Excessive Racing Engines
Part No.: 500028C
  • FRPP Boss 302 Forged Crankshaft
  •  Manley  Billet 5.933" Connecting Rods / 7/16" ARP 2000 Bolts
  • Custom Wiseco Forged Pistons
    • Forged from 2618 Alloy
    • Ultra Thick Skirts and Struts for High Cylinder Pressures 
    • .300" Down Top Ring for High Boost / Nitrous Applications
    • 9310 Alloy .225" Wall Wrist Pins 
    • .075" Intake and Exhaust Valve Pockets
    • Wiseco GNX Ring Set w/ Steel Nitrided Top Ring and Napier 2nd Ring
  • Clevite H-Series Main Bearings 
  • Clevite 77 H-Series Rod Bearings

Compression Ratios shown for reference. Any Dish, Dome or Flat Top and Any Bore is available!
   Piston Dish Volume       57cc 4V Head    
+8.0cc Dome 11.5:1
+5.0cc Dome  11.0:1
+1.7cc Dome 10.0:1
-6.0cc Dish  9.5:1
-10.0cc Dish 9.0:1
-15.5cc Dish  8.5:1
*Lateral Gas Ports
*Wiseco Armour Plating
*Wiseco Xylan Skirt Coating
*Wiseco Hard Anodizing (Cannot be Mixed with Ceramic Dome or Armour Plating) 
*Ceramic Dome Coating  (Cannot be Mixed with Amour Plating or Anodizing)
*ARP Custom Age 625 Rod Bolts 
*Calico Coating Main and Rod Bearings 

The Pistons includes in this kit are Custom made to order. Please allow around 3 Weeks for Delivery. 
*Internal Balancing Available
   - Rods and Pistons weight matched to +/- 0.1g
   - Crankshaft Balanced to +/- 0.2g 

This 5.0L Coyote Rotating Assembly Includes everything to make 1500 HP reliably. We use the Boss 302 Forged Crankshaft, Manley Pro Series Billet  I-Beam Connecting Rods w/ 7/16" ARP 2000 Rod Bolts and a Full Custom Set of Wiseco Pistons. We include your choice Dish, Dome or Flat Top with Any Volume as well as Any Bore you would like. The Wiseco Pistons will come with Wiseco's GNX Ring Set which uses a Gas Nitrided Top Ring and a Napier 2nd Ring. This is the same style ring set the Sport Compact guys are using up to 80lbs of Boost! We also include Wiseco 9310 Alloy Wrist Pins. These Pins are very short at only 2.250" Length and have a .225" Wall Thickness making them pretty much indestrucible. For Boost Pressures over 25lbs and Nitrous over 200 HP we typically recommend the Lateral Gas Porting Option to assist with Top Ring Seal under extreme pressures. For coating and plating options, we highly recommend the Wiseco Amour Plating. This process actually makes the Aluminum harder the hotter it gets. It also strenghens the Ring Lands and helps with any possible Micro-Welding under detonation. All in All, if you are wanting to make over 1000 HP with a 5.0L Coyote, this is the Rotating Assembly for you. We only select the best products that we know work! If you need help selecting a compression ratio or any available options, please contact us via Email or Phone. 

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